The Catholic League gets its share of hate mail but the following letter is particularly graphic. Though the person who sent it supplied us with name and address, we decided not to print this information. But what appears here is the actual text of the letter, complete with its reference to Cardinal John O’Connor:

“What better occasion to greet you again than St. Valentine’s Day, with its theme of love, not to forget that we’re fast upon St. Patrick’s Day. It’s nearly parade time. The gays get to play “In Your Face”, and the Hibernian good old boys hyperventilate about it; not to forget that part of the tradition.

“Better yet, the Supreme Court has kept us fags out of the parade but has reminded us about just how much freedom we have to be participants, albeit from the sidelines. I’ll keep an eye out for you. You recall, I promised to have practiced my public masturbation technique, and that I have done well. But, between now and the parade, it’s cold turkey. I’m saving all my love for you. When it comes to infuriating and inventive disorder, we gays are great at it. And you thought last year’s masturbation routine on the steps of St. Patrick’s was the ultimate. I’ve also reminded your buddy Johnny O about everything the parade has to offer. As for the Supreme Court ruling, be careful of what you wish for. You just might get it.”

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