There is no end to the comedians who like to rip the Catholic Church for the sexual abuse scandal, but precious few seem to have any interest in the contribution that the public school industry has made to this problem. That’s too bad, because there is plenty of script available.

Take New York City, for instance. The New York Post reported on Feb. 9 that Alan Rosenfeld has been charged with ogling girls as young as 13, but still manages to keep his job. Though he hasn’t worked since 2001—he is assigned to what they call a “rubber room”—he has managed to receive $700,000 in salary.

Rosenfeld is not alone. There are more than 600 educators who are being bankrolled by the taxpayers for doing nothing: they, too, occupy a seat in the “rubber room.” One teacher, Francisco Olivares, allegedly impregnated a 16-year old when he began teaching 32 years ago. He still collects $94,000 a year.

Why is this happening? Because of the teachers unions and antiquated laws that give them cover.

This story never ends, yet the Bill Mahers of this world never open their mouths when it comes to teachers and their unions. Even though conditions in the priesthood have improved markedly, while the sexual abuse scandal continues to grow among the ranks of teachers, it’s still priests the so-called comedians go after.

And some wonder why the Catholic League, which fights anti-Catholicism, is busier than ever.

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