The story of the trapped Chilean miners has captured the hearts and minds of people across the world. Since their rescue last week, these men have left no doubt that God played an enormous role during their 69-day entrapment.

Before these men were found, they drew water from two oil drums that were full of water to be used for the radiators of the heavy machinery of the mines, leaving them with oil-tainted water. The second man rescued from the mine, Mario Sepulveda, said of this, “That was one act of God right there. We had water. It tasted foul but it didn’t poison us, even though it was tainted. We allowed ourselves a few small sips each day.”

As the days wore on before they were found, Sepulveda said that the men prayed for a miracle: “We were in total darkness. The heat was oppressive. We all felt the Devil was down there with us. We prayed and prayed. It was a dark, black hole. We were buried alive. We were all so scared. We begged God to help us. We were worried we would starve to death or that the water would run out and we would die horribly from dehydration.”

Lucky for Sepulveda and the rest of the miners, God was listening.

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