The rock group, the Go-Go’s, will release a new CD May 15, entitled, “God Bless the Go-Go’s.” The five female singers, who were popular in the 1980s, have posted a website ( that is replete with Catholic imagery. On the home page, all five women are dressed as the Virgin Mary. They are dressed the same way on another page, only this time the words “Purity,” “Honesty,” “Mercy,” “Chastity” and “Modesty” appear below their picture; clicking on each individual frame reveals their name and a picture of how they normally look.

The section entitled “Confessional” shows a priest with green hair and an earring. The Go-Go’s logo is inscribed on his priestly garb and is positioned in the center of the monstrance (this is the receptacle that holds the consecrated Host). The following words appear next to the priest: “yes my child. confess your sins to father go-go. will you be unforgiven or will you receive penance?” (“Unforgiven” is the title of one of the songs on the new CD.) It then says, “type in your confession…” Clicking on “Bless me father” triggers a penance. Finally, by clicking on the prayerful hands below, up pops a cynically worded rendition of the “Hail Mary.” It reads: “Hail Go-Go’s, full of beat, The rock is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thine talent, music. Holy Go-Go’s, mother of chick rock, pray for us sinners—Now, and at the hour of thy concerts, Amen.”

The Catholic League shared its thoughts on this matter by issuing the following news release:

“Talk about dumb. It is painfully obvious that the Go-Go’s are looking to jump-start their new shot at fame but can’t pull it off without resorting to cheap ploys. So they have decided to rip off Catholic imagery in the hope that this will lure a new audience. But it will take more than this to resurrect their checkered career. Having listened to some of their new tracks, it is clear that the bubble-gum sound of their hit song, ‘Vacation,’ is all these girls are capable of delivering. Now if they can go on tour without crashing, that really would be a second coming worth noting.”

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