Everywhere they go, we go. Like a fly that just won’t go away, the Catholic League shadows the Eternal World Gospel in its tracks. When they succeed in placing one of their anti-Catholic ads in a newspaper, we write to the publisher pointing out our objections, asking that no more of these ads be accepted. In most cases we win, and that is why the leaders of this group have written to us in a not-so-kind way.

A letter from the advertising director of the St. Petersburg Times, Richard Reeves, indicates that he gets our point. Whether he accepts any more ads is not certain; we’ll keep an eye on it. “Your reaction,” he writes, “would be a factor in our consideration if this advertisement were submitted again for publication. (It has not been submitted, nor do we expect it to be.)” The ad was run on March 16.

The latest newspaper to accept one of these ads is the Daily Courier from Grants Pass, Oregon; it also appeared March 16. We wrote to Dennis Roler at the newspaper and are awaiting his response.

We don’t know who is bankrolling these ads but nothing would please us more than to see them go belly up.

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