There have been many reports this week about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to hear a case involving the Westboro Baptist Church. In 2006, members of the church led an obscene demonstration outside a Catholic church where a funeral service for a slain Marine took place. The question before the court is whether this protest is protected by the First Amendment.

The question for the Catholic League is why the New York Times has never once called attention to the anti-Catholic history of the Westboro Baptist Church. By contrast, on twenty occasions, including today, it cited Westboro’s anti-gay heritage, and there have been a few mentions of its anti-Semitic history. But for some reason, it never finds it necessary to cite Westboro’s anti-Catholic legacy.

By the way, we checked every major newspaper in the nation, and the Times was the only one never to have mentioned the Catholic-bashing nature of the Westboro Baptist Church.

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