Recently a contingent of gay and gay-friendly organizations, GLAAD, Dignity and Faithful America, descended upon the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s central administrative buildings to hold a press conference requesting that Nicholas Coppola be reinstated to the post he held at St. Anthony’s in Oceanside. The protestors allegedly brought over 18,000 petitions with them which they planned to present to Rockville Centre Bishop William F. Murphy.

Coppola was dismissed from his voluntary positions at the parish after it was disclosed that he had “married” his boyfriend late last year. When the news of this case broke, Bill Donohue commented that internal Church affairs were not public business, and this applied to both outside advocacy groups as well as government agencies. Among those affairs are employment decisions.

Just as it is the right of a yeshiva to insist that its employees abide by Judaic strictures, so, Donohue argued, it is the right of a Catholic school to insist that its employees respect Catholic teachings.

How ironic it is that those who have been screaming the most about the evils of bullying are the very ones who are its greatest practitioners—against Christians, no less. Clearly they themselves have not learned the virtue of tolerance.

When the “protestors” arrived at the diocesan building, they were met by a security guard who took the boxes and promised to pass them on. Interestingly, it seems that the media were snookered. Diocesan officials had quite a suprise when they opened the three boxes.

Had the media shown an ounce of curiosity regarding this matter, they would have asked Coppola to see what was in the three boxes that allegedly contained evidence of those who signed the petition.

It was discovered that two of the boxes were empty; the contents of the other box were so small they could easily have fit into a large envelope. Considering that Coppola and his homosexual allies intentionally deceived the media, his credibility is shot. Moreover, no one is stopping Coppola from joining a religion that accepts his view of marriage. If he respected diversity, he would practice it by finding a new home. Instead, he seeks to impose his agenda on the rest of us, thus showing nothing but contempt for the rights of Catholics.

It’s too bad Catholics on Long Island did not get a chance to see what was in the three boxes. It would have been a great optic.

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