Recently on his TV show, Bill O’Reilly once again bemoaned what he says is the absence of a Christian response to anti-Christian bigotry. In his exchange with Rev. Robert Jeffress, a Baptist minister, he said, “There isn’t really a leader in the American Catholic Church…There is no Christian society like the Jewish Defamation League.”

This is stunning. The man chosen to discuss anti-Christian bigotry is known for slamming O’Reilly’s own religion. In 2010, Jeffress said the Roman Catholic Church was the outgrowth of a “corruption” called the “Babylonian mystery.” He continued, “Much of what you see in the Catholic Church today doesn’t come from God’s word. It comes from that cult-like pagan religion. Isn’t this the genius of Satan?”

Moreover, if there is no Catholic anti-defamation league, then why do O’Reilly’s producers keep calling our office for information? This has been going on for years. Why did one of his producers recently come to our office to obtain a video we have in our archives of James Hormel laughing approvingly at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? O’Reilly used the video on January 9.

O’Reilly has been selling himself as the lone crusader against radical secularism for years. This is nonsense. Also, if he wants to know who the real leader of the Catholic Church is in America today, he should have an extended interview with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York and the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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