We pass no judgment on the late Leona Helmsley, but we are amused to find that the same woman who fired two men because they were gay (she settled out of court with the first man and lost in court to the second one), and made numerous anti-gay comments, is viewed as a heroine by two of New York’s liberal columnists.

To Gail Collins of the New York Times, Helmsley was a brave feminist who stood up to all those bad men. To Ellis Hennican of Newsday, she was misrepresented in the media and misunderstood by the public. To the Catholic League, we are impressed by the fact that neither one of them had a word to say about her history of gay bashing.

Mel Gibson. Michael Richards. Isaiah Washington. Imus. All of them got wound up and made callous statements. But Leona—she can intentionally fire gays because they are gay and still pass muster with the liberal elite. Once again, the messenger counts more than the message.

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