Lisa Schwarzbaum, a writer for Entertainment Weekly, had some pretty frank things to say about Hollywood and Catholics in the October 11 edition. “At the risk of sounding like Michael Medved,” she said, “I’ve got to add this magnified-on-video footnote: In The Craft, Fleming emphasizes Sarah’s alienation at St. Benedict’s Academy with a shot of the bleeding Jesus on the crucifix that hangs over the school door. In Fear, Foley conveys David’s screwed-up interior life via a shot of the walls of his lairlike room, which is dominated by…Jesus on a crucifix. The implication at which nobody bats an eyelash?”

Schwarzbaum concludes, “Catholic symbols are a shorthand way of saying `Beware, cuckoos at work!’” To which it could be said, Hollywood producers working on Catholic themes are a shorthand way of saying, “Beware, bigots at work!”

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