On October 19, the CBS program, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, aired a segment that raised the eyebrows of the Catholic League. Printed below is a transcript of the offending exchange.

REVEREND: Your godparents must be very, very special people indeed. You understand they do much more than step in, in case of tragedy.

DR. QUINN: I must admit, Mr. Morel, a sudden death did prompt our decision. Has he spoken to his wife yet?

REVEREND: No, not yet. I’ll offer her a plot in town cemetery but I doubt she’ll take it.

DR. QUINN: Why not?

REVEREND: Because, she’s Catholic.

DR. QUINN: Well I thought we were all Christian.

REVEREND: Well there are some people who could argue that point….

Why this quip was made is not known. But surely the writers didn’t just throw it in without a reason, and surely it was not done to endear viewers to Catholics. We are asking CBS for an explanation.

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