Frances Kissling, president of oxymoronically entitled organization, Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), is second to no one when it comes to putting a spin on issues. She proved herself once again to be the spin master with her publication, “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Catholic Vote.”

It is Kissling’s determination to convince the American people that Catholics do not listen to their Church’s teachings. Survey questions that are designed to elicit predictable results are a staple with CFFC. In this latest publication, there are several articles that promote the idea that good Catholics are persons who make up their own minds about moral issues, paying lip service, at best, to anything their Church teaches. Indeed, Kissling herself questions the standing of Catholic bishops to speak for Catholics, especially on the subject of abortion.

It is interesting to know that Professor Mary C. Segers, one of the contributors to the publication, finds it necessary to instruct Catholic lawmakers on how to handle complaints from the bishops that they are deviating from Catholic thought. “The principled position of pro-choice Catholic lawmakers,” Segers writes, “reflects a commitment to exercise prudence in making sound public policy. It also embodies a commitment to protect the religious freedom of constituents who do not share the antiabortion views of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.”

One wonders whether Segers would think it “principled” or “prudent” if Catholic lawmakers violated Catholic teaching on bigotry by venting their prejudices in public. And it would make for a fascinating seminar if the good professor could explain how Congressmen of faith are protecting the religious freedom of the faithful by opposing the tenets of their religion in public.

One more item: the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, which is a self-styled children’s advocate that nonetheless promotes abortion-on-demand, recently gave CFFC $60,000 “For continued research on right-wing Catholic organizations and education on reproductive health issues.” Kissling will no doubt spend their money wisely as she has absolutely no members to contribute to her front group.

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