On a new Comedy Central program called Pulp Comics, which aired October 9, Paul Provenza, a comedian and writer of the program, first discussed sex and AIDS, making the point that one can’t afford to have unprotected sex with anyone. “You could sleep with Mother Teresa, wake up the next day with a Chia Pet growing out of your underwear.”

The next two segments were devoted to Catholicism and religion, respectively. He mocked Catholic teaching on sex. “Catholics have an interesting view of sex….[It] is disgusting, immoral, filthy, and you should save it for one you love.”

“I was raised Catholic,” he continued. “Actually, I was lowered Catholic, but that’s just me.” There was a murmuring during this comment implying he stepped over the line. He said he had been a good Catholic who went to Church, but one year he gave up Catholicism for Lent.

“Every picture you see of Jesus–what’s He doing? Bitching, moaning, whining and crying.” He posed like Jesus is pictured such as with arms extended. “What’s His biggest problem? Father’s Day.” He asked what does one get for the One who created everything.

“I’ve had it with that Pope and his holier-than-thou attitude. Who does he think he is? He’s supposed to be infallible…going around telling these third world countries they shouldn’t engage in birth control. Thanks a lot. Good thinking. Who said popes were infallible? Other popes.”

“It’s important not to confuse your faith with the man made organization.” He could not believe that people don’t accept that priests can abuse their power and position. “Priests aren’t holy; they’re men like you and me. They’re men who dress in women’s clothes every Sunday. I know drag queens who don’t do it every weekend.”

A skit was shown in which a person was in a confessional, confessing to 15 fornications, 180 impure thoughts, and 25 self-touchings in one week. The priest said, “In one week?” with a kind of dreamy look on his face.

The fourth segment featured a skit in which the Last Supper was shown as the First Friar’s Club meeting honoring Jesus. Lots of stupid blasphemous jokes were told by a man dressed as a monk. Jesus is shown smoking a cigar and laughing with the others.

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