The Catholic League has established four new chapters in the south and west, bringing the total number of active chapters to seven. Catholic League president Dr.WilliamA Donohuehas appointed Dr. Richard 0. Perry of Tucker, Georgia as president of the Atlanta chapter, Robert G. Strong of El Paso, Texas as presi- dent of the El Paso chapter; Atty. Carl H. Horst of Chula Vista, California as president of the San Diego chapter; and, Atty. Thomas F. Carney, Jr. of Boynton Beach, Florida as president of the South Florida chapter.

The new chapters will serve as media watchdogs for the national headquarters and provide a vigorous, grass-roots presence for the League in their local communities. They join existing chapters in Long Island, Massachusetts and Philadelphia.

Through the work of the chapters, Catholic League members can participate in the anti-defamation activities of the organization and lend their support to the League’s defense of religious freedom rights.

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