For the third consecutive year the Catholic League attended the Christian Coalition’s Road to Victory conference. With famous speakers and a pro-family agenda, the conference gave the League the opportunity to display information about its work; along with numerous other activist groups the League featured a booth that displayed books, copies of Catalyst , and other pertinent material. Dr. William Donohue, Bernadette Brady, and Susan Fani attended the conference.

The League placed an advertisement in the Coalition’s guidebook. The message was “It’s the Culture, Stupid.” Explaining the League’s history and recent growth along with providing general information, the ad decried the debasement of the culture which is contributing to the spread of anti-Catholic and anti-Christian sentiment.

In addition to hearing such speakers as Sen. Phil Gramm, Dr. Alan Keyes, Rep. Henry Hyde, Pat Buchanan, and Phyllis Schlafly, League representatives had the opportunity to attend various workshops. Among these were Parental Rights, Outcome-Based Education, and School Choice.

Of particular interest to League members was the workshop on Protesting Religious Bigotry.

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