Lee Corso, a commentator on ESPN, has a problem with Notre Dame.  On October 1, 2005, on the show “College GameDay,” he made a mock sign of the cross and predicted that Purdue would “beat the Catholics.”  On November 29, 2008, he struck again on the same show.  In discussing Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis’ contract, he opined:

“[T]he Catholic Church, the first collection is for the parish and maybe the priest to go on vacation, the second collection is for the poor people in Michigan, the third collection is now gonna be for Charlie Weis and to try to buyout his contact….I have a better idea.  I think they ought to call the Vatican and have them sell one of their paintings and have them give the money to Notre Dame and if they want to pay off Charlie Weis, take the money from the Vatican’s painting, give the money to Charlie and say goodbye.”

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