College Republicans (CR) at George Washington University stored crosses in their office, shared with College Democrats (CD), which had been used at a pro-life event last week.  When the CRs returned to the office this past Monday, they found that a number of crosses had been desecrated.

One cross had a penis drawn on it with a condom placed over the cross; it was hung upside down from a sign in the CD’s office.  Another had the word Darwin scrawled on it and a third featured the words “take a condom,” with a wrapped condom attached to the bottom.  The last desecrated cross showed a stick figure of a crucified Jesus crudely drawn onto it.

The CDs issued an apology after conducting an investigation into the desecrations; a member of the club confessed to the outrageous vandalism.

While we are pleased that the club quickly and sincerely apologized, we are concerned at the mindset of the member, who surely has been taught by his university about sensitivity to various groups.  There is no surprise that the tolerance training did not extend to Christianity.

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