Hollywood’s love affair with abortion rights was proven once again at this year’s Academy Awards celebration. According to an AP story, John Irving got a “thunderous applause” when he picked up his Oscar for “Cider House Rules.” That’s because the abortion-rights enthusiast went out of his way to thank “everyone at Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights League.”

Accepting the Oscar for Best Screenplay, Irving also said “I want to thank the Academy for this honor to a film on the abortion subject, and Miramax for having the courage to make this movie in the first place.”

Now it is a little disingenuous to say that “Cider” is a film “on the abortion subject.” That’s like saying “Patton” is a movie on the subject of war. Even more absurd is the pretension—entertained ad nauseum in Tinsel Town—that it takes “courage” to make a [pro] abortion movie. Yeah, just like it took guts for Miramax to bash Catholics in “Priest” and “Dogma.”

Those in search of what courage looks like might try to access the April 1 edition of the Jesuit magazine, America. See the splendid piece by Paul W. McNellis, S.J. on the movie. Father McNellis shows quite clearly how “Cider” turns to vinegar.

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