The March edition of the CBS program, “The Early Show,” featured another attack on Catholicism; it was the third outburst in less than two months. Joining Bryant Gumbel in this attack was his co-host Jane Clayson, anchor Julie Chen and meteorologist Mark McEwen. Here is a sample of the extended discussion:

McEwen: Do you go to church?

Gumbel: No.

McEwen: Then why do you give up stuff for Lent?

Gumbel: Because I think there is a great deal of Catholic guilt that remains.

McEwen: That’s what—that’s what drives the Catholic Church, is guilt.

Gumbel: I mean, so if you even—if you even think about Betty Sue in the backseat, forget about doing it. Save your effort. You already sinned.

Chen: I haven’t thought of Betty Sue in the backseat…

McEwen: …if you do go to the backseat, you can go say you’re sorry.

Gumbel: That’s right.

McEwen: It’s called confession.

Gumbel: …were, like no matter what you did, if you had a double murder, he’d give you, like, a Hail Mary.

McEwen: That’s right.

Gumbel: Say a Hail Mary and go home. And the other one, if you, like, ate meat on Friday, he’d make you take a trip to Lourdes. Seriously. I mean, no—the penance was different….

In a statement to the press, Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“I mean, like, hey man, like, when will Bryant grow up?”

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