jewish-business-newsSteven Rosen, co-founder of Rainmaker Associates, a financial recruiting firm, has been sued by one of his employees, Joseph Modica, for allegedly mocking his Catholicism.

According to Modica, Rosen said, “You don’t really believe Jesus was born to a Virgin Mother, or are you that big of a moron?” He is also accused of saying, “Is it that stupid Ash Wednesday again? You better not come to work with ashes on your head.” Rosen is being sued for $5 million for harassment that led to a hospitalized panic attack.

Bill Donohue comments on this story today:

The New York Daily News and the New York Post covered this story, but not the New York Times. Worse, the story by was itself bigoted. It is not unusual for the New York Times to ignore anti-Catholicism, but it is unusual to see a responsible media outlet write disparagingly about Catholicism in an article about alleged anti-Catholicism. has a piece today on this story that exhibits both ignorance and bigotry. The ignorance is displayed in the headline: “Easter Special: Steven Rosen Sued for Making Fun of Immaculate Conception.” In fact, that is not why he was sued: the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth are not identical. Worse is what the reporter said about the Virgin Mary comment that is attributed to Rosen.

“To be fair,” says S.M. Lightening, “generations of Jews have found that story hard to swallow, but, hey, if old man Joseph the carpenter took her word for it, who are we to argue. Still, to us Jews it always sounded like a good recovery line when you start showing. Certainly better than the classic, ‘I fell for it’ folks use in emergency rooms. ‘God put it there’ is much classier.”

We are asking for an apology. So should you.

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