106275_340-1Bill Donohue comments on a news release he issued earlier today:

Approximately two hours ago, we issued a news release taking jewishbusinessnews.com to task for making an anti-Catholic comment in a story about alleged anti-Catholicism (click here). We recently heard from Sima Ella, the CEO of the media outlet; I personally contacted her before going public. Here is how she responded:

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry. I was not aware of this unbelievable issue, until you brought it to my attention and I read it with my own eyes. I fully understand your feelings; I would feel the same as you. I took the article down immediately. Please, please accept my sincere and heartfelt apologies—we are a lot better than that.


Sima Ella

Rarely have I seen a quicker and more sincere apology than this. All is forgiven. It is important that Catholic-Jewish relations remain good, especially these days. Case closed.

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