Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest episode of the HBO show, “Boardwalk Empire”:

There is something pernicious about Hollywood’s non-stop assault on Catholicism. The scene from this week’s “Boardwalk Empire” that has outraged Catholics is the one where several middle-age men are sitting around watching old movies. What they find terribly amusing is a shot of a nun on her hands and knees being penetrated from behind, and another which shows a man performing cunnilingus on her. There is nothing left to the imagination—this is graphic pornography.

It is no wonder that Hollywood’s hatred of religion, especially Roman Catholicism, has turned so many against it, even, regrettably, to the point of violence. This latest contribution, thanks to the show’s executive producer, Martin Scorsese, is particularly vile. Indeed, it reaches a new low.

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