Catholic League president Bill Donohue is asking Catholics to provide Jay Leno with some new script. He explains why:

Last night, Jay Leno did what comes natural to him—he bashed Catholicism for the umpteenth time. His scriptwriters handed him a few lines about one miscreant priest, and he took the opportunity to hype the case further by lying about what happened. The priest was charged with ripping off his parish to pay for his online porn habit, but this wasn’t good enough for Leno. He wanted to implicate the entire Catholic Church. So what did he do? He said “the Church transferred him to another parish that has free WiFi. Yeah, so that’s nice.” Leno lied about the transfer; he did so because his goal was to indict the Church.

In the event Leno wants to practice diversity, we have some new script:

· In the news this week is the story of a woman being sentenced to death under Islamic law in Pakistan. Her crime? She is a Christian.

· Last week, Oprah Winfrey was in the news for featuring a discussion with adults who were sexually abused by Episcoplaian priests in their youth.

· This week it was reported that 17 Jews have been charged with stealing $42 million from Holocaust survivors; the money was financed by the German government.

Imagine how much fun Leno could have with script like this! He wouldn’t even have to lie about any of it to get a good laugh.

Send your ideas to Leno’s producer, Debbie Vickers:


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