Arm & Hammer has just announced that it will no longer advertise on the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred.”   The baking soda company advertised four times on the September 25 show but clearly will not be airing any more ads.

Arm & Hammer is the sixteenth sponsor to pull advertising from “Nothing  Sacred.”  The others are as follows: Isuzu, Weight Watchers, K-Mart, Benckiser, DuPont, Red Lobster, Ocean Spray, Sears, AT&T, Glaxo Wellcome,  Ponderosa, Dunkin’ Donuts, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Chrysler-Plymouth and Honda.

William Donohue  greeted the news this way:

“Congratulations to the corporate leaders at Arm & Hammer.  We hope their sales grow as a result of doing what is right.

“How many more sponsors must withdraw their sponsorship before the folks at Disney/ABC pull the show, I do not know.  But it can’t sit well with them to read what USA Today reported in this morning’s newspaper:  ‘More bad news for the struggling ABC dramas Nothing Sacred and Cracker.  Both came in dead last in their time slots Thursday….’

“The show not only offends most Catholics, it’s a bore to watch.  Now that the producers are watering down the most offensive elements of future shows, they risk losing even the few who like to see traditional Catholics maligned.  They’re caught between a rock and a hard place.  In addition, they’re stuck with the Catholic League’s relentless pursuit.  Stay tuned.”

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