Two ABC affiliates, WABC in New York and WCVB in Boston, have admitted that they ran unauthorized ads for the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred.”

On September 25, WABC-TV ran an ad for Chrysler-Plymouth that was never ordered by the auto manufacturer’s ad agency, Bozell.  On September 18, WCVB-TV ran an ad for Star Market that was never ordered by the store’s ad agency, North Castle Partners.

William Donohue offered the following remarks on these related events:

“Both the New York and Boston affiliates of ABC say that human error explains the placement of unauthorized ads on ‘Nothing Sacred.’   While I take their word on this, I would be lying if I said that I’m not suspicious, especially given the way ABC has handled certain aspects of this troubled show.

“It is no reflection whatsoever on the integrity of Chrysler-Plymouth or Star Market that this problem occurred.   Indeed, quite the opposite: both enterprises, and their ad agencies, have acted responsibly.”

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