Jason Whitlock is a sports writer for the Kansas City Star.  On the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, he decided to mock the Blessed Virgin Mary for no reason in his article, “Pass rusher would be answer to a prayer.”  In discussing the local football team’s loss, he writes, “It’s sort of like questioning Mary’s virginity.  You mention the rumors you heard about her and Joseph at Noah’s Party Cove bash, and you’re likely to be escorted out of church by force.”

This comment, which shows Whitlock’s ignorance about the Virgin birth as well as about when Mary and Noah lived, was followed by another insinuation about Mary at the end of the article: “The Chiefs might need a savior after this season.  Let’s hope Noah throws another party and Mary and Joseph disappear for a few minutes again.”

Actually, let’s hope Mr. Whitlock’s obnoxious column disappears from the Kansas City Star.

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