As we noted in a recent news release, on October 9 ABC’s “Boston Legal” featured a Catholic nun in full habit uttering a sexual innuendo having nothing to do with the storyline at hand. We branded the show’s creator, David E. Kelley, “Tinseltown’s Ace Bigot.” Kelley has a long-standing animus toward Catholicism.

On October 16, Kelley was at it again. That night’s “Boston Legal” episode featured a Mexican father who wanted to take his son back to Mexico so that the boy could participate in bullfighting. The same nun from the previous episode translated the father’s testimony:

“Bullfighting is a tradition in my country. I would have done it if I had the gift. To climb in, see that big bull stallion. To have that big bull charge me, just me and that stallion bull. One time, me and a big horny bull. Oh, oh … !” She became increasingly excited as she spoke.

We’re not holding our breath waiting for “Boston Legal” to feature such a gratuitous scene with an imam or a rabbi. When it comes to ridiculing religion, Kelley’s sexually charged brand of “humor” only seems to cut one way.

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