League Assails Clinton Administration for Bigotry

In an unprecedented move, the Catholic League assailed the administration of a standing president for anti-Catholic bigotry. From the time President Clinton took office, it has become increasingly evident that his administration is insensitive at best, and downright hostile at worst, to Catholic interests. But the final straw occurred during the third... [Read more...]

Church Robber Indicted on Civil Rights Charge

Following calls from the Catholic League for a civil rights prosecution, church robber David Cedeno has been indicted by an Essex County, Massachusetts, grand jury for constitutional rights violations and two other hate crimes. Cedeno and an accomplice robbed St. Mary’s Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts on June 1Oth, brazenly stealing two chalices... [Read more...]

Catholic League Members Rally to the Cause

It’s quite gratifying to receive so many letters from Catholic League members complimenting us on our feisty style. It should be noted that our members are no wimps either. Consider the following. Over the past few months, Catholic League members have been asked to support new anti-condom ads and to sign petitions demanding fair treatment by the... [Read more...]

The Holy See, Cairo and The Pundits

By William A.Donohue The Cairo Conference on Population and Development will mostly be remembered for what the Holy See did: it held the line against the determined modernists from the U.S. and Western Europe. It’s been some time since the Vatican asserted itself so boldly, surprising friend and foe alike. While it may be a bit presumptuous to... [Read more...]

League Posters Come to Boston

The Catholic League’s latest anti-condom ad that worked so effectively in New York was scheduled to be posted in Boston for one month, beginning September 23.  When we went to press the ad had not yet been placed, but it is expected that the same result will follow in Boston as it did in New York: it will ignite a much needed discussion over... [Read more...]

Meeting With Newsday Editorial Board

On August 25, 1994, Dr. Donohue met with the editorial board of Newsday, the Long Island daily. He had previously met with the publisher, Anthony Marro. Both meetings centered on the newspaper’s coverage of Catholics. The meeting with the editorial board convinced Dr. Donohue that Newsday is nowhere near as sensitive to offending Catholics as... [Read more...]

League Denounces Kissling Attack

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights denounced Frances Kissling and Catholics for Free Choice for their July 12 attack on Pope John Paul II and the Holy See in the ongoing dispute on U.N. population policy. The League called Kissling’s remarks “political posturing on behalf of her organization’s paymasters.” Catholic... [Read more...]

League Assists Conscientious Objector

It is by now commonplace in the medical profession to request, if not to require, doctors and nurses to provide services that Catholics, and others, find troubling. Providing advice on birth control is one example. At Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, nurse Arfaela Ortiz found herself in this predicament and contacted the Catholic League for advice.... [Read more...]

League Criticizes Recommendations of Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth

In a major attack on religious freedom rights, Massachusetts Governor William Weld’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth has issued recommendations that would empower homosexual activists with the authority to set professional standards for social service providers in the state, including Catholic Charities. The Commission wants to mandate training... [Read more...]

Dr. Donohue Nominated for PEN Award

Dr. William A. Donohue’s new book, Twilight of Liberty: The Legacy of the ACLU (Transaction Press), has been accepted by the nominating committee of PEN for the Martha Albrand Award for Non-Fiction. This award is one of the most prestigious awards that can be bestowed on any author.  Read More →

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