The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights denounced Frances Kissling and Catholics for Free Choice for their July 12 attack on Pope John Paul II and the Holy See in the ongoing dispute on U.N. population policy. The League called Kissling’s remarks “political posturing on behalf of her organization’s paymasters.”

Catholic League Operations Director C. J. Doyle stated: “Catholics for Free Choice is an anti-Catholic front group financed by the opponents of the Catholic Church in the abortion industry. Its funding sources comprise a virtual Who’s Who of the population control movement. A number of the foundation grants which Kissling has received have had explicitly stated anti-Catholic purposes. Frances Kissling, a former abortion clinic operator, is an excommunicate from the Catholic Church. Her organization, which has no members, and which has received money from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, is a fraud, whose sole purpose is to conduct anti-Catholic propaganda and spread disinformation in the mass media.”

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