Rocky Mountain High in Denver

The recent papal visit to Denver gave the phrase “Rocky Mountain high” a whole new meaning for the hundreds of thousands of participants and the millions more who followed the event on TV. The “aftershocks” have reverberated through the media for well over a month and have made for some very interesting reading. Denver area reporters... [Read more...]

Proposition 174

On Nov. 2, the country will be watching intently as Californians go to the polls to decide whether or not to embrace education vouchers. Proposition 174, the Parental Choice in Education Initiative, would require the state to provide a voucher for $2,600 per year to students wishing to transfer out of the public-school system to help defray the costs... [Read more...]

National columnists back Parental Choice in Education

California vote gets national attention George F. Will (Chicago Sun Times) and Stephen Chapman (Chicago Tribune) have come out strongly in favor of proposition 174. Pointing out that private schools often show better results than public schools while spending less money per pupil, Will maintains that as more students use vouchers to attend private schools,... [Read more...]

FOCA dead; “access” bill lives

They’re not saying it very loudly, but supporters of the Freedom of Choice Act are privately conceding that the bill is dead for this session of Congress and perhaps mortally wounded. Another piece of legislation, tagged the “clinic access bill,” is alive and well, however, and would make it a Federal crime to block abortion clinics... [Read more...]

Free tickets to heaven

“My Ticket to Heaven” is a tiny booklet packed with timeless wisdom and put together by Fr. Paul Thomas, an “80 years young” retired priest from the Altoona-Johnston (PA) diocese. His been giving them out for a decade and no one has asked for a refund yet. They’re distributed free by his friend Richard Bernardi (just send... [Read more...]

Vermont printers’ case drags on

A Vermont judge has denied a defense motion, refusing to throw out the case against Chuck and Susan Baker, Catholic owners of a printing business who were sued by the ACLU when they refused to print membership materials for Catholics for Free Choice, a pro-abortion group. The ACLU claimed that the Bakers’ refusal to print the job violated a state... [Read more...]

League rips mass disruption by gays

Responding to the disruption of a Mass being celebrated by Bishop Thomas V. Daily at St. James Cathedral in Brooklyn by members of the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, Catholic League President Bill Donohue quickly issued a news release condemning the actions of the demonstrators. According to The Tablet, 29 demonstrators who were... [Read more...]


Chicago Chapter The chapter hosted League president Bill Donohue at its August advisory board meeting. While in town Donohue was interviewed by the New World (Archdiocese of Chicago) and the Northwest Indiana Catholic (diocese of Gary). Effective October 1, the chapter office and executive director Tom O’Connell (A.K.A. Midwest Regional Director... [Read more...]

The Write Stuff…

NEW YORK NEWSDAY 9/8/93 I read with amusement Gabriel Rotella’s Cityscape column, “Catholic Bashing: The Cry of Cowards.” As president of the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization … I can assure Rotella that the Catholic League does not object to criticism of the Catholic Church. But that doesn’t mean... [Read more...]

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