Chicago Chapter

The chapter hosted League president Bill Donohue at its August advisory board meeting.

While in town Donohue was interviewed by the New World (Archdiocese of Chicago) and the Northwest Indiana Catholic (diocese of Gary).

Effective October 1, the chapter office and executive director Tom O’Connell (A.K.A. Midwest Regional Director O’Connell!) will be relocating to a new office. Please make a note of the office address and new phone number. Easy access to public transportation and parking make this new location a winner. Anyone with clerical or computer skills interested in volunteering a few hours on a regular basis should contact Tom O’Connell.

The chapter has once again obtained two round-trip tickets to Warsaw, Poland compliments of LOT, the Polish national airline. Area members can shortly expect to be offered an opportunity to purchase chances to win this great trip.

The chapter is launching a major parish-based recruitment drive. If you can be of help, call Tom O’Connell at his new office. The goal is to more than double chapter membership over the next year.

California Chapter

The chapter is gearing up for a visit from League president Bill Donohue who will address its annual dinner on Friday, October 22. Several meetings and media appearances are being scheduled around Donohue’s visit.

An IBM employee upset at his company’s support of ACT-UP has obtained copies of “Stop The Church” from the League office and hopes to educate corporate officials as to the true character of that organization.

Both the chapter office and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Public Affairs office have taken KFI Radio to task for promotional pieces seeming to imply that Michael Jackson and and all Catholic priests are sexual deviants. The pre-recorded spots promoted the station’s “Tammy Bruce Show.”

Massachusetts Chapter

The chapter is pleased to announce that Fr. James M. DePerri, parochial vicar of St. Agnes Church in Arlington, and an enthusiastic League supporter, has accepted appointment as chapter chaplain.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue will be visiting with the chapter leadership in early October.

The Rutherford Institute will be filing an amicus brief in support of the South Boston Allied War Veterans, embattled sponsors of the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade which has been marred in recent years by the forced inclusion of gay and lesbian marchers.

 Washington, D.C. Chapter

Chapter executive director Dr. Patrick Riley has moved back to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin where he will continue writing for League publications and serve as Director of Research for the League.

The chapter is being restructured on a volunteer basis. Watch this newsletter for further developments.

Long Island Chapter

Invitations have gone out to more than 1,800 members and friends of the Catholic League for this year’s Awards Dinner-Dance on Saturday, October 16 at the Powell Council Knights of Columbus hall.

Brother Syriac reports that the Chaminade High School chapter has 65 members this year.

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