Self-serving media study denies religious bias

by Patrick Riley A nationally heralded report that aims at “bridging the gap” between religion and the news media features a dismissive critique of a similar study sponsored by the Catholic League and the Knights of Columbus (Media Coverage of the Catholic Church) and chalks up perceived bias as simply lack of knowledge on the part of... [Read more...]

The Christian Coalition Conference

by Karen Lynn Krugh In August she reported from Denver. This past month we find Karen Lynn Krugh reporting from the Christian Coalition conference in Washington. For two days in September, over 2,000 members of the Christian Coalition descended on Washington, D.C. for their third annual conference. Far from being a gathering solely of Pat Robertson... [Read more...]

From the President’s Desk…

Have you ever noticed how much blasphemy tends to track obscenity? Consider the following observations. As the bus from La Guardia airport came to a stop in front of Grand Central Station, I noticed a vendor selling newspapers and magazines. Prominently displayed on the side of a vending booth there must have been at least a dozen magazine covers on... [Read more...]

Can We Be Good without God?

by Dennis Prager The following article is the edited text of the opening statement in a debate at Oxford University on March 3, 1993. Under the auspices of Oxford’s Chabad Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, Dennis Prager debated Jonathan Glover, a lecturer in moral philosophy at Oxford. The full text of the entire debate appeared in Ultimate Issues (Vol.... [Read more...]

Catholics in Media kicks off

Cardinal Roger Mahoney will celebrate Mass at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the morning of September 26, as part of the festivities marking the inaugural event of Catholics in the Media (CIM), an association of Catholics in the entertainment business. The group, founded by Jack Shea, a director/producer and his wife, Patt who is a writer, was formed in... [Read more...]


Focus on Faith, a question and an-swer column in The Tidings (Los Angeles Archdiocese) recently (8/29/93) featured an item on “Catholic Haters.” The column is written by Fr. Gregory Coiro, OFM Cap. who works in the Public Affairs Office of the Archdiocese and who just happens to be chaplain of our California chapter. The question concerned... [Read more...]

Elders wins Surgeon General bid; Catholic League scores po1nts, w1ns friends

President Clinton couldn’t afford to see another nominee shot down in flames, so careful maneuvering, parliamentary procedure and a great deal of political capital were utilized in order to win Senate confirmation for controversial Surgeon General nominee Dr. Joycelyn Elders. Letters of “apology” from both Dr. Elders and President... [Read more...]

Boston cardinal blasts media bias

“It is not a case of Catholic paranoia to think that it is open season on the Catholic Church in the public square.” Boston’s Cardinal Bernard Law didn’t mince words in going after the news media in his weekly Pilot column (9/3/93). The Cardinal went on to blast the media for “the negative way in which the Church is so... [Read more...]

The Culture of Disbelief

Newsweek’s religion editor recently reviewed The Culture of Disbelief, an insightful new book written by Yale law professor Stephen Carter, who takes a critical look at the way America’s culture treats religion and religious people. The former law clerk for the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, Carter argues persuasively for a return to the... [Read more...]

Religious freedom survives first Russian test

After President Yeltsin refused to sign a bill that would have restricted foreign missionaries and foreign-based religious organizations in Russia, the Russian legislature recently approved a new version of the bill. The original bill, which was supported by the Russian Orthodox Church and passed by the Russian legislature in July, was an attempt to... [Read more...]

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