High Court allows RICO suits against pro-lifers

The Supreme Court has ruled that abortion clinics may use the federal racketeering law against pro-life activists who demonstrate at abortion clinics. The unanimous decision, written by Chief Justice William Rehnquist, was condemned by pro-lifers around the country. A federal appeals court in Chicago had dismissed the case, National Organization of Women... [Read more...]

A True Fighter for the Faith

Catholic Twin Circle editor Loretta G. Seyer interviews Catholic League President William A. Donohue This interview appeared in Catholic Twin Circle, January 9, 1994. It is reprinted with permission and has been edited for space. On July 1, 1993, William A. Donohue, Ph.D., was appointed president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil... [Read more...]


Someone called to tell us that on January 6th, “Prime Time Live” was scheduled to do a segment on annulment in the Catholic Church. I decided to watch. A few minutes before the program began, a promo for “Prime Time Live” was run that made special mention of the annulment segment. I’m glad it perked my interest because... [Read more...]

Catholic-bashing columnist MCs Boston inaugural

James Carroll, a Catholic-bashing Boston Globe columnist, served as Master of Ceremonies at the inauguration of Boston’s new mayor, Thomas Menino. In recent memory, according to the Catholic League’s Massachusetts-based Operations Director Joe Doyle, Carroll defended Sinead O’Connor’s papal photo tantrum on “Saturday Night... [Read more...]

Appellate Court reiects NYC condom program

The New York State Appellate Court has rejected New York City’s condom distribution program as a violation of parental rights. The court ruled that condom distribution is a health service and not an educational program and therefore falls under state regulations requiring parental consent for any health or medical service. A Brooklyn Tablet editorial... [Read more...]

Council president election draws flak

The election of City Councillor James Kelly as President of the Boston City Council, produced an anti-Catholic outburst from one of the homosexual groups involved in the St. Patrick’s Day parade controversey in Boston. Kelly, a staunch supporter of traditional values, was denigrated as “a bigot … a foul-mouthed Catholic bigot”... [Read more...]

Priest called ‘bigot’ for law critique

Rev. David Mullen, Parochial Vicar of St. Paul’s Church in Wellesley, Massachusetts, became the object of public controversey when a group of homosexuals and their supporters noisily stormed out of Christmas Midnight Mass at Holy Trinity Church in Boston, while Father Mullen preached the homily. Father Mullen, a prominent pro-life priest and a... [Read more...]

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