Rev. David Mullen, Parochial Vicar of St. Paul’s Church in Wellesley, Massachusetts, became the object of public controversey when a group of homosexuals and their supporters noisily stormed out of Christmas Midnight Mass at Holy Trinity Church in Boston, while Father Mullen preached the homily. Father Mullen, a prominent pro-life priest and a member of the Catholic League, criticized the new Massachusetts homosexual student rights law as an effort to “propagandize children in the homosexual lifestyle.” Father Mullen said this was an example of the “darkness of sin in our time.” The Boston media reported the episode, which was prolonged by a letters to the editor campaign that sought to villify Father Mullen as a bigot for daring to criticize immorality from the pulpit. The Catholic League defended Father Mullen on radio and in the press, with Operations Director C. Joseph Doyle calling Father Mullen’s remarks “pertinent, timely, and accurate.” Doyle described the attack on Father Mullen as “an intimidation tactic aimed at silencing Catholic criticism of the homosexual agenda.”

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