League Prevails in Georgia, Vermont and Colorado Incidents

This past spring the Catholic League experienced three important victories, winning in Georgia, Vermont and Colorado, all without ever going to court. It is no exaggeration to say that without the League’s help, the outcome in all three cases would almost certainly have been different. In the last edition of Catalyst, mention was made of the plight... [Read more...]

Gay Rights Week Marked by Illegal Parade, Anti-Catholic Furor

From June 18th to the 26th, New York was home to the largest gathering of homosexuals the world has ever seen. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno did her part by welcoming people with AIDS from all over the world, suspending the ban against those with a communicable disease from entering the country. But what began as the Gay Games ended in an ugly display... [Read more...]

A Banner Year for the Catholic League

This issue of Catalyst marks the end of my first year as president of the Catholic League. Fortunately, there is much good news to report. The best news is the growth in membership. We have tripled our membership in the past year, hitting a record high of 90,000. We fully expect to top 100,000 before too long. But even that won’t be enough. It... [Read more...]

The Vatican, Women and Non-Catholics

It is no secret that much of the hatred of the Catholic Church these days emanates from radical feminists and those sympathetic to the feminist movement. The push for women’s ordination and the passion to expand abortion rights are two of the most important forces driving anti-Catholic sentiment in the 1990s. Unfortunately, a fair amount of the... [Read more...]

League Protests Catholic Portrayal in Two Smithsonian Exhibits

June 23, 1994 Richard Ahlborn Curator, Division of Community Life National Museum of American History 14th and Constitution,N.W. Washington, D.C. 20560 Dear Mr. Ahlborn: I am writing to express the concerns of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights regarding the exhibit “The American Encounters.” If the purpose of the exhibit... [Read more...]

Governor Apologizes for Conference

Massachusetts Governor William Weld has apologized for a December, 1993 conference at which Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Planned Parenthood officials discussed strategies for neutralizing opposition from religious and “far right” organizations (Catalyst, Vol. 21, No. 1, Jan.-Feb. 1994, pg. 1).  Read More →

Comic Strip Hypes a Bad History Book

The nationally syndicated “Doonesbury” cartoon strip, with a series of strips in early June, has brought national attention to a badly flawed “history” book by a Yale professor who is dying of AIDS. The book, Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, purports to show that medieval Christians blessed homosexual unions. Author John... [Read more...]

League Enters Bankruptcy Case

The Catholic League has joined a coalition of religious organizations in defending an Evangelical Church from efforts by a trustee in bankruptcy court to seize funds donated to the church by a couple who subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Ruling that the Youngs received nothing of value for their donations, a federal district court ignored the religious... [Read more...]

Women’s Ordination Letter Draws Liberal Media Fire

Editorial Criticism of Papal Letter Earns Response The secular media declared open season on the Catholic Church after release ofthe papal letter on ordination. Catholic League president William A. Donohue sent the following letter to The Day in response to an editorial. The New London, Connecticut newspaper published the letter. The editorial that... [Read more...]

Newsday’s Marlette Offends Twice in One Week

With two different cartoons published on June 1st and 3rd, Newsday cartoonist Bob Marlette succeeded in offending Catholics everywhere and raised pope bashing to a new level. An “apology” from Newsday published in the form of a “Memo to Readers” failed to satisfy the Catholic League and a petition (see page 9) was distributed... [Read more...]

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