Editorial Criticism of Papal Letter Earns Response

The secular media declared open season on the Catholic Church after release ofthe papal letter on ordination. Catholic League president William A. Donohue sent the following letter to The Day in response to an editorial. The New London, Connecticut newspaper published the letter.

The editorial that condemns Pope John Paul II for simply repeating a 2000 year old rule of the Catholic Church – namely that the priesthood is reserved for men – is curiously titled “Beyond Understanding” (June 2). What is truly “beyond understanding” is not the Catholic Church’s position, it is the fact that a secular newspaper has the audacity to stick it’s nose in where it doesn’t belong. It is nobody’s business what the Catholic Church does: those who don’t like its rules can quit or refuse to join. The same is true of all other religions.

To think that the Catholic Church ought to pass a politically correct litmus test is not only “beyond understanding,” it smacks of bigotry, pure and simple. If a priest ever blasted this newspaper from the pulpit for its persistently stupid editorials, you guys would be screaming bloody murder. One final thought: I await your slam on Orthodox Jews for denying women the right to be rabbis. Please send it along in case I miss it.

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