High court to hear NOW’s RICO case against pro-lifers

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case, National Organization for Women (NOW) v. Scheidler, which will decide whether abortion clinics can use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to stop pro-life activities such as blockades and rescues. Defendants in this case include Monica Migliorino Miller, wife of Edmund... [Read more...]

Seventh Day Adventist anti-Catholic billboard

California chapter executive director Ted Mayer took this picture of a billboard in Los Angeles. It is one of several essentially identical billboard designs which have sprouted across the country in recent months. A Seventh Day Adventist splinter group – repudiated by the larger church – is responsible for the billboards. If you call the... [Read more...]

These Christians are dangerous…

A fishy story… After being told that they, along with other students living in a dormitory at Moorhead State University (Minn.), could paint anything representative of themselves on the walls outside of their rooms, two students were asked to obliterate a painted scene they had created. On hearing this story, if you assume the students were asked... [Read more...]

Setting the record straight

Responding in a published letter to a May 14 New York Times article citing opposition by “feminists and population control advocates” to the appointment of Boston mayor Raymond L. Flynn as ambassador to the Vatican, Patrick Riley of the League’s Washington office noted that the Times had failed to list many of their objections. Riley... [Read more...]

Courts divided on student led grad prayers

Graduating high school students have been fighting this spring for the inclusion of prayers at their graduation ceremonies. Because the Supreme Court ruled last year in Lee v. Weisman that school sponsored prayer at graduation ceremonies was unconstitutional, many thought that issue was settled. Students, however, unwilling to allow the secularization... [Read more...]

A unique perspective on ‘gays’ in the military

Major Melissa Wells-Petry, a lawyer who has prosecuted sodomy cases for the Army over the past decade, told the Washington Chapter of the Catholic League that homosexual behavior not “homosexual status” defmes homosexuals in the eyes of the military. Such “defining behavior,” she said, mandates the exclusion of homosexuals from... [Read more...]

Supreme Court decision: Cartoon

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Atheists challenge “City of Churches”

Chicago chapter executive director Tom O’Connell drove out to the village of Evergreen Park a few weeks back at the invitation of Mayor Anthony Vacco to observe a council meeting called because of atheist objections to the centennial slogan: “Village of Churches.” Rob Sherman, head of the American Atheist party was scheduled to appear.... [Read more...]


California Chapter Congratulations to Catholic League lifetime member Dick Riordan who was recently elected mayor of Los Angeles! The referendum on school choice in California is going to be on this year’s November ballot. The chapter office is encouraging members to get involved with Excel, the statewide organization which generated the referendum... [Read more...]

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