California Chapter
Congratulations to Catholic League lifetime member Dick Riordan who was recently elected mayor of Los Angeles!

The referendum on school choice in California is going to be on this year’s November ballot. The chapter office is encouraging members to get involved with Excel, the statewide organization which generated the referendum initiative. Chapter executive director Ted Mayer has also been in touch with Dr. Quentin Quade at Marquette University’s Father Virgil C. Blum Center for Parental Choice in Education for assistance in developing chapter strategy.

Washington, D.C. Chapter
Chapter executive director Pat Riley recently testified before the Arlington County (Virginia) Cable Television Advisory Committee. He spoke in favor of an effort to bring the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) to cable TV viewers in that suburban D.C. county.

Long Island Chapter
Area members should watch for a feature story on the chapter in an upcoming issue of the Long Island Catholic (diocese of Rockville Centre).

The chapter is just completing the task of identifying parish liaison persons and a final listing of these volunteers will be presented at the chapter’s July meeting.

Fifty-two members of the Charninade High School chapter enjoyed a picnic at the school on Friday, June 11.

Greater Philadelphia South Jersey Chapter
Chapter executive director Jim Nolan and four other chapter members testified before the Philadelphia city council in opposition to a proposed “domestic partners” bill. (See story on pg. 6.)

A new sign now announces the League’s presence to passing motorists on Rising Sun Avenue.

Minnesota Chapter
The chapter is keeping the pot boiling at St. Cloud State University where they have uncovered a Social Work Department policy which¬†seeks to discourage degree candidates who have “deeply held relig- ious views.” A student enrolled in the program called the matter to the League’s attention and League attorneys Nancy Gannon and the recently retired George Koch have been help- ing the chapter develop strategy in handling the situation. Several meetings have been held involving department personnel, the university’s Mfmnative Action Officer and a representative of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

While it had been known for several years that some medical schools were discriminating against students who opposed abortion, this is the first indication of serious discrimination against college students who might harbor beliefs that are not “politically correct.”

Publicity about the matter has already attracted major attention and surfaced other instances of similar discrimination. We will publish a detailed article on the League’s investigation and its resolution as soon the situation permits. In the meantime kudos to chapter president Peg Cullen, executive director Pat Shannon, and Minnesota Chapter ;legal taskforce head Rosemary Kassekert for their efforts so far.

Massachusetts Chapter
The chapter has been busy mobilizing members to protest the appointment of David LaFontaine to head the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. (See story on pg. 4).

Massachusetts Knights of Columbus State Deputy Kenneth Ryan gave the Catholic League a rousing endorsement at the annual state convention of the K of C which was attended by more than 600 Knights, May 15-16 in Burlington, Mass. Past State Deputy Walter Almond also urged his brother Knights to support the League. Both Ken Ryan and Walter Almond are members of the Massachusetts Chapter’s board. Copies of recent issues of the Catholic League Newsletter were given to those attending.

Chapter executive director Joe Doyle appeared on an NBC Nightly News on Tuesday, June 9 in a segment on gay teenagers and the controversy over homosexual programs in Massachusetts schools. Doyle noted the League’s concerns about such programs limiting free speech and discriminating against Catholics and others who hold homosexual behavior to be immoral.

Doyle appeared on two radio stations (WBZ and WRKO) discussing the same topic and was interviewed by the Dallas Morning News and Long Island’s Newsday.

Chicago Chapter
Executive Director Tom O’Connell served as League contact on the developing story in St. Louis (see story on pg. 5) and provided us with some very important information.

The chapter has been handing out copies of the League Newsletter at several parishes as part of a new member recruitment effort.

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