Catalyst January/February Issue 2001

In the December Catalyst we mentioned that the bookstore chain, Borders, and a Milwaukee bookstore, Harry W. Schwartz, were pushing the anti-Catholic screed by John Cornwell, Hitler’s Pope. Borders provided clarification saying it was the publisher, not anyone connected with the bookstore chain that wrote the glowing account. They had no plans... [Read more...]


Catalyst January/February Issue 2001

We are proud to announce that Father John Kelly of Somerville, Massachusetts, won the beautiful Lenox Nativity Set in our annual Christmas sweepstakes. Congratulations to Father John and many thanks to all who those who participated in making the sweepstakes a success.  Read More →


Catalyst January/February Issue 2001

A good book review is not necessarily a favorable one—it is one that accurately informs the reader of the author’s thesis and then analyzes how successful he was in sustaining his argument. At least this is true for non-fiction works. Similarly, a bad review is one that misrepresents what the author said and then criticizes him for his “failing.” This... [Read more...]


Catalyst January/February Issue 2001

The insidious “Earth’s Final Warning” hate ads that the Catholic League relentlessly challenges made their way into several newspapers recently. The Montgomery Journal in Rockville, Maryland ran the ad twice, once on October 8 and again on November 26. Our initial contact with the publisher, Ryan Phillips, was contentious, but then he... [Read more...]


Catalyst January/February Issue 2001

· 2001 began with another ACLU lawsuit. The subject? The posting of the Ten Commandments on a monument in a Plattsmouth city park in Nebraska. · At the behest of the ACLU, a court in Muhlenberg County in Greenville, Kentucky has asked the county attorney to review a request to post the Ten Commandments as part of an historical display in the county... [Read more...]

Constantine’s Sword: A Review Article

Catalyst January/February Issue 2001, Book Review

By Robert P. Lockwood When John Cornwell’s book, Hitler’s Pope was released, many critics missed the point in the sensationalism surrounding his unfounded claim that Pius XII was a silent collaborator in the Holocaust. Cornwell wrote the book as an advocacy paper against the leadership of Pope John Paul II within the Church and in favor of a particular... [Read more...]

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