The insidious “Earth’s Final Warning” hate ads that the Catholic League relentlessly challenges made their way into several newspapers recently.

The Montgomery Journal in Rockville, Maryland ran the ad twice, once on October 8 and again on November 26. Our initial contact with the publisher, Ryan Phillips, was contentious, but then he settled down and acknowledged our objection.

His first response was to say that his newspaper was “very liberal,” and that it didn’t matter that other publishers have decided not to run the ad again. When challenged, he said he might run an ad charging that the Holocaust was a fraud. But when asked if he would run an ad by the KKK, he said he wouldn’t. In the end, Phillips said he would review the ad again with his staff and was “leaning toward not accepting such an ad if it was placed again.”

We protested placement of the ad in the Martinsburg, West Virginia newspaper, The Journal; the Austin American-Statesman; and the Des Moines Register. We are awaiting their response.

It should also be noted that in November the ad was mailed to residents of Boca Raton, Florida in the form of a pamphlet. This particular “Earth’s Final Warning” ad is the work of Cornerstone Publishing. It charges that the Catholic Church is taking over the world and features a picture of President Clinton and Pope John Paul II on the cover smiling. It is the work of Cornerstone Publishing. Members can write to the publishing firm at P.O. Box 609, Graham, Washington. 98338

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