Student “gay rights” is law in Massachsetts

The Catholic League has voiced strong objections to the “Gay and Lesbian Student Civil Rights Bill” now law in Massachusetts. Created ostensibly to protect the basic rights of homosexual students, the law in fact introduces homosexual education programs into Massachusetts public schools in an effort aimed at validating homosexual lifestyle... [Read more...]

What the ACLU thinks about religion

by William A. Donohue This month’s feature article is an edited excerpt from Catholic League president William A. Donohue’s forthcoming book, Twilight of Liberty: The Legacy of the ACLU (Transaction Press, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ). It may be obtained from the publisher and will be offered in this newsletter as soon as it is... [Read more...]

Bozenna Urbanowicz-Gilbride: A Profile

She sensed she was losing her audience. She thought for a moment, then looked out at the roomful of young Jewish students and told them, “I am a Polish Catholic Holocaust survivor.” Then, pausing, she repeated herself “I am a Polish Catholic Holocaust survivor.” The students’ teacher broke the silence. “Do you understand... [Read more...]

Vatican and Israel sign historic pact

The Vatican and Israel have signed an accord establishing formal diplomatic relations. The two nations will shortly exchange diplomats and a Papal visit to Israel is in the planning stages. The 15-point agreement, signed on December 30, concluded 17 months of negotiations. It includes a clause commiting both sides to combating anti-Semitism, racism,... [Read more...]

Special district case goes to High Court

Another challenge to Lemon test The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether New York State may create a special school district to serve the handicapped children of a group of Hasidic Jews, or whether such action violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution. In Board of Education v. Grumet the Court will once again... [Read more...]

The Catholic League’s position on Kiryas Joel

The Catholic League formally supports the establishment of a special school district in New York State to accommodate the Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel in its efforts to educate its handicapped children. Importantly, the school district does not preclude educating children of other faiths and does not allow for the teaching of any religion. And though... [Read more...]

Anti-Catholic Oliphant Cartoon

Accusations of pedophilia against pop-star Michael Jackson prompted several cartoons with Catholic clergy tie-ins, most notably this widely published Oliphant effort. Dr. John Dillon of Gaithersburg, Maryland sent along a copy he saw in the St. Petersburg Times (Florida). What made his submission stand out was a copy of several good “letters... [Read more...]

League backs St. Pat’s parade cancellation

The Catholic League has commended a decision by the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council to cancel the 1994 St. Patrick’s Day parade following a court order which would have permitted homosexual militants to march. Suffolk County Superior Court Judge J. Harold Flannery issued the order on December 15. Catholic League Operations Director C.... [Read more...]

Two columnists score politically correct ‘Seasons Greetings’

John Leo (“Jesus and the Elves,” U.S. News & World Report) and William Raspberry (” ‘Merry Christmas’: So there!” New York Daily News) took well-written shots at the political correctness mania which of late has stifled our public celebration of Christmas. Raspberry’s opening is worth repeating (he took... [Read more...]

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