The Catholic League has voiced strong objections to the “Gay and Lesbian Student Civil Rights Bill” now law in Massachusetts. Created ostensibly to protect the basic rights of homosexual students, the law in fact introduces homosexual education programs into Massachusetts public schools in an effort aimed at validating homosexual lifestyle and behavior.

A story in The New York Times incorrectly indicated that Massachusetts Senate President William Bulger had approved the legislation.

At the heart of the effort behind this new law was David LaFontaine, head of the Massachusett’s governor’s gay and lesbian commission and, ironically, a participant in the Act-Up assault on Holy Cross Cathedral..

Catholic League Operations Director C. Joseph Doyle made it clear that this law was not about rights but about the validation of a lifestyle, a fact subsequently confirmed by LaFontaine in statements quoted by the media. He said that the new law will require schools to allow same-sex couples to attend high school proms and that it would back students forming school clubs for gays. “I think we’re going to see some precedent-setting lawsuits,” he told a Patriot Ledger reporter.

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