Eugene, Oregon Rewards Anti-Catholic Exhibition

On September 16, the city of Eugene, Oregon, hosted the Eugene Celebration Parade. A panel of volunteer judges gave cash prizes to the top entries. Winning second prize ($200) was a group called the “Rickies.” Their exhibition included 18 people dressed as the Pope, bishops, priests and nuns. The title of their entry, “Pope Goes the... [Read more...]

Catholic League Quits LifeLine

In protest to what happened to Catholic Answers, the largest Catholic apologetic and evangeliza- tion organization in North America, the Catholic League has quit LifeLine, the Christian long distance telephone service that is managed by AmeriVision Communications. In effect, LifeLine told Catholic Answers that it was “too Catholic,” and... [Read more...]

Our Members Make This A Special Christmas

I defy anyone to name a single organization that has more rabid members than the Catholic League. Indeed, one of the reasons why we don’t rent our membership list to other organizations is because of the special nature of our members. Our members are generous, loyal and extremely active. When we ask them to write to offending parties and the... [Read more...]

Are Catholics Christians?

In one sense, it sounds like an awfully dumb question to ask “Are Catholics Christians?” It is a matter of historical record that the Catholic Church is the world’s longest living institutional testimony to Christianity. But as the sociologist W.I. Thomas once said, “perception is reality,” and on that count, it may very... [Read more...]

You Can Make a Difference

League members are active in their communities, bringing to our attention instances of anti-Catholic bigotry. They personally undertake action themselves, voicing their opinions. And they have been successful. One example involves a syndicated cartoon which shows the three Magi going to visit the Baby Jesus. One of the shepherds says, “Wait…aren’t... [Read more...]

Sleepers Unfairly Maligns Catholicism

The best-selling book, Sleepers, is soon to be a movie. The author, Lorenzo Carcaterra, claims that the book is a true account of his years at Sacred Heart School, a Catholic elementary school in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen area. According to Carcaterra, he and three of his friends were sent to a New York State reform school in the 1960s for... [Read more...]

Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Offends Catholics

When the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel opened last March in Las Vegas, it featured a restored carved gothic altar in one of its cocktail bars, the Viva Las Vegas Lounge. The offensive use of the altar has been a source of criticism by many area Catholics, among them Bishop Daniel F. Walsh of the Diocese of Las Vegas. As soon as the lounge opened, Bishop... [Read more...]

Regent University Regrets Hosting Anti-Catholic Bigot

But the Sponsoring Rutherford Institute Does Not On October 26, Regent University hosted Rev. Ian Paisley, the man most responsible for inflaming anti-Catholicism in Ireland. To those unacquainted with Paisley, he is a man who refers to the Vatican as “Harlot City” and the Pope as “the Antichrist.” Invited by the student chapter... [Read more...]

Catholic League Review

In October, Catholic League Review, the Catholic League’s Long Island television show, hosted Bob Peters of Morality in Media, local Catholic activist Jacques Casanova and educator Dr. Catherine Hickey. The discussion with Bob Peters and Bill Donohue centered on how the media have changed over the past decade, both in the film industry and the... [Read more...]

Broadway’s Sacrilege Makes Political Statement

The Broadway play, Sacrilege, is not anti-Catholic the way the movie Priest was, but it is certainly not designed to flatter the Catholic Church either. The play involves a progressive nun who wants to be a priest. Sister Grace (played by Ellen Burstyn) is portrayed as a nun who serves the poor while openly defying the teachings of the Catholic Church.... [Read more...]

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