Catalyst April Issue 2001, Front Page

On March 6, Brit Hume of Fox News Network reported that CNN founder Ted Turner stunned CNN employees in Washington when he made an anti-Catholic remark on Ash Wednesday. Seeing ashes on the foreheads of some workers, Turner said, “What are you? A bunch of Jesus freaks? You ought to be working for Fox.” The Catholic League immediately contacted... [Read more...]

Daily Variety

Catalyst April Issue 2001, Front Page

Daily Variety printed the following headline on March 8: “Catholic League prexy gives Turner a sermon.” It then quoted Donohue on Turner: “He may be just as dumb as John Rocker, but unlike the Atlanta pitcher, he occupies a position of significant influence in our culture.” Which is why Donohue floated the idea of shipping Turner... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001, Front Page

The lead article in the last issue of Catalyst was on the latest flap at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It involved the Catholic League’s criticism of “Yo Mama’s Last Supper,” a photographic exhibit that featured artist Renee Cox appearing nude as Jesus in a rendition of the Last Supper. On February 20, Donohue debated Cox at the First... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue Scenario: a group of so-called enlightened thinkers assemble to play a word association game. When they hear the term “bigotry,” they respond by saying things like “anti-Semitism,” “racism,” and “sexism.” It would never occur to them to say “anti-Catholicism.” But why? It’s... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001, Essay

Most of the myths surrounding the Inquisition have come to us wrapped in the cloak of the Spanish Inquisition. It is the world of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum, with vivid descriptions of burning heretics, ghastly engines of torture with innocent Bible-believers martyred for their faith. In many ways, the reality of the Spanish Inquisition... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

On February 8, Dr. Wayne Goldner appeared on the “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly. In a debate on abortion, Dr. Goldner, who is an abortionist from New Hampshire, made the startling claim that in the 1950s there were as many abortions then as there are today. When O’Reilly challenged him, Dr. Goldner went even further saying... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

Hardly an Ash Wednesday comes and goes without an anti-Catholic incident. While Ted Turner took the prize this year, WJFK-FM in Virginia was runner-up; the show originates from WJFK in Washington, D.C. On February 28, “The Don and Mike show” aired a segment called “Ass Wednesday.” It seems that Don Geronimo and Mike O’Meara’s... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

Catholic League members are familiar with the many ads that we’ve run on the op-ed page of the New York Times. We are most proud of the fact that some of these ads have been picked up by museums. Now we’ve made an entry in a college textbook, Making Sense of Media, authored by George Rodman. The book, which is published by Allyn and Bacon, is... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

In February, Tucson metropolitan area was home to three separate incidents of church vandalism targeted at the same site. The acts occurred in a mortuary chapel next to the world-renowned Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson, Arizona. The first act, which happened on February 13, included the desecration of 35 of the 50 statues located in the chapel;... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

There is hardly an issue of Catalyst in the last few years that hasn’t mentioned the hate ads placed in major newspapers by the Eternal Gospel Church. These are the ads that use biblical passages to condemn the Catholic Church as the Whore of Babylon, etc. Fortunately, most publishers listen to our complaints and agree not to run them again. But... [Read more...]

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