On February 8, Dr. Wayne Goldner appeared on the “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly. In a debate on abortion, Dr. Goldner, who is an abortionist from New Hampshire, made the startling claim that in the 1950s there were as many abortions then as there are today. When O’Reilly challenged him, Dr. Goldner went even further saying that there were more abortions in the 1950s than there are today.

The next day, William Donohue contacted the publicist for Dr. Goldner asking for the evidence. After several phone calls, we finally tracked down Dr. Goldner himself. Here is what he told Patrick Scully on March 9:

  • In reality there is no way to tell what the rate of abortion was in the 1950s.
  • The “hard number” of abortions in the 1950s was lower than today because of the smaller population but Dr. Goldner estimates that the rate per 1,000 women was the same or higher than today.
  • He estimate was based on a book by Carol Jaffee, Doctor of Conscience, and The Story of Jane by Laura Kaplan. He then made some more conjectures based on unofficial rates of abortion in Ireland.

Pressed by Scully, Dr. Goldner admitted that what he presented as fact on TV was not factual. But he excused himself by saying he “didn’t have a lot of time to explain himself” on the show. Dr. Goldner then confessed, “there is really no way to tell.”

It is utterly shameless that any doctor would present as fact that which is merely an unsubstantiated opinion. But this is hardly the first time that those in the abortion industry have, in fact, distorted the truth. You can write to Dr. Wayne Goldner at Manchester Obstetrical Association, 150 Tarrytown Rd., Manchester, NH 03103-2713.

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