Bill Donohue comments as follows: In the wake of the election, practicing Catholics and Protestants of a traditional orientation have been inundated with advice from their liberal brethren. The advice generally goes like this: to win future elections, conservative Christians need to moderate their views on abortion, gay marriage, immigration, and other... [Read more...]

the_catholic_vote_634843413249746555 SOME THOUGHTS ON THE CATHOLIC VOTE

Bill Donohue comments on the Catholic vote: Catholics are a quarter of the electorate, and they voted for Obama over Romney by the same margin as the total electorate, 50%-48%. Contrary to what many pundits are saying, this suggests that the bishops’ campaign for religious liberty, waged against the Health and Human Services mandate, actually paid... [Read more...]


Bill Donohue comments on the election results: In 2007, Barack Obama told Planned Parenthood that the first thing he would do if elected president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Because of opposition from many quarters, including the Catholic League, the bill never got to his desk. But it may now come back, and if it does it could... [Read more...]

st-peters-basilica-vatican-city-i749 BBC AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH

This is the twelfth and last installment of Bill Donohue’s report on the BBC sexual abuse scandal and its implications for the New York Times: New York Times op-ed page columnist Joe Nocera has asked some tough questions about Mark Thompson’s knowledge of the Jimmy Savile matter [click here]; Thompson, who will head the Times Company on Monday,... [Read more...]


Bill Donohue comments on today’s ballot initiatives: Not too long ago in this country, no one in his right mind would suggest that it is a good idea to allow two men to get married, but today voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington will rule on this issue in one form or another. Not too long ago in this country, no one in his right mind... [Read more...]


Bill Donohue comments as follows: M. Alex Johnson of NBC News and the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times are quite upset with the pro-Romney clergy, yet they have absolutely nothing to say about the pro-Obama clergy. Consider the facts. The Pew Research Center released its findings on this subject last week: “Black Protestants are twice as likely... [Read more...]

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