Catalyst November Issue 2001

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We believe in an America where everyone can feel pride in who they are and how they worship—including those of the Catholic faith. Dubbed, “The deepest bias in the history of the American people,” anti-Catholicism remains the one prejudice free to flourish throughout our society.

William Donohue

We’re the Catholic League, an independent civil rights watchdog group that defends individual Catholics against discrimination and the church against defamation. We also publish Catalyst, a monthly journal that records anti-Catholicism nationwide, and, more importantly, what we’re doing about it. But we can’t do it without you. We call it Catholic bashing, and it’s on the rise.

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The Catholic League needs your support. Join us and help create an America where our children can treasure their heritage.

William Donohue

You’ll not only be joining an organization, you’ll be empowering a movement.

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Please call the number on the bottom of your screen and help us strengthen the voice of the Catholic Church. We’re in this together—now and into the future.

*Note: The video ends with a child running into the arms of Catholic League vice president Bernadette Brady. The priest in the video is Father Robert Batule of Corpus Christi Church, in Mineola, New York. And a good friend of Bill Donohue.

We would like to thank Father Batule for allowing us to shoot the footage in his church. We would also like to thank Steven Weill of Steven Weill Productions for making this video a success.

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Written by Bill