“Flash! This just in: All the while that Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban has been protecting Osama bin Laden, Italy has been harboring another omnipotent religious zealot, one who equally condemns us Western sinners and incites violence with his incendiary rhetoric.”  That is how Michelangelo Signorile begins his article, “The Gay-Bashing Pope,” in the November 21-27 edition of the alternative weekly newspaper, the New York Press.

The pope, according to Signorile, is guilty of “inspiring thugs across the globe who commit hate crimes against homosexuals, a form of terrorism if ever there were one.”  The writer, who is the father of “outing” (the practice of making public a gay man’s sexual preference), is upset with the Church’s teaching that holds homosexuality to be “intrinsically disordered.”

Catholic League president William Donohue had this to say about the article:

“We’re disappointed with Mich: we never thought that anyone who has had as much practice as he has in turning the other cheek would ever write such an intrinsically disordered article.”

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