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November 15th, 2001 | Latest News Releases

New York City Schools Chancellor Harold Levy is allowing Muslim students to pray in school during Ramadan; areas will be set aside for group prayer by school officials.  Permission is granted provided that the prayers do not disrupt classes or interfere with the rights of other students (e.g., non-Muslim students cannot be denied access to the same... [Read more...]

July 23rd, 2001 | Catalyst Online, Features

The May Catalyst featured a story on the controversy over an offensive photo collage of Our Lady of Guadalupe on display at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The issue has largely been resolved. The outcome is a mess for both sides. The usual chorus of artistic liberty was sung by the free speech crowd. They defended the... [Read more...]


William A. Donohue When someone lies, he is guilty of disinformation, the deliberate dissemination of information known to be untrue. When someone mistakenly provides the wrong information, he is guilty of misinformation. Though in both cases truth is a casualty, only those guilty of the former are properly met with moral outrage. And it is precisely... [Read more...]

The Papacy Under Attack

by Robert P. Lockwood (5/2001) In recent years there have been a series of books that have dealt both directly and indirectly with the accusation that Pope Pius XII bore responsibility for the Holocaust in World War II. Beginning with John Cornwell’s “Hitler’s Pope,”1 through Garry Wills’ “Papal Sin”2 and concluding – at least at this... [Read more...]

The League’s April 10, 2001 ad on Pius XII in the New York Times.

The League’s April 10, 2001 ad on Pius XII in the New York Times. Here’s what the New York Times said about Pius XII during the war: “If the Pope in his Christmas message had intended to condemn Hitler’s system, he could not have done it more effectively than by describing the ‘moral order’ which must govern human... [Read more...]

A Righteous Gentile: Pope Pius XII and the Jews
February 26th, 2001 | Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

By Rabbi David Dalin About The Author Rabbi David G. Dalin, a widely-published scholar of American Judaism and the history of Christian-Jewish Relations, is the author or co-author of five books, including Religion and State in the American Jewish Experience, published by the University of Notre Dame Press in 1997 and, most recently, The President... [Read more...]


William A. Donohue There is not a school or corporation that doesn’t mouth the mantra of diversity, whether it be in the form of a classroom discussion on multiculturalism or a diversity seminar for employees. What is particularly bothersome about this enterprise is the rank intellectual dishonesty that colors it. In the language of multiculturalism,... [Read more...]

January 23rd, 2001 | Catalyst Online, Features

Marilyn Manson’s new CD, “Holy Wood,” is replete with assaults on religion and celebratory comments on violence. On the cover is a picture of Manson on a crucifix with his jawbone removed; both Circuit City and Best Buy have required Interscope Records to put an alternative cover on the CD. The new single from the album is called “Disposable... [Read more...]

January 23rd, 2001 | Catalyst Online, Features

Father Robert Batule is a member of the Catholic League, a sociology professor, author, Chaplain to the Society of Catholic Social Scientists and is associate pastor at Corpus Christi in Mineola, New York. His homilies are uniformly outstanding. On Christmas Day, he shared these thoughts with the congregation: “In late November, the lower house... [Read more...]

January 23rd, 2001 | Catalyst Online, Features

We are proud to announce that Father John Kelly of Somerville, Massachusetts, won the beautiful Lenox Nativity Set in our annual Christmas sweepstakes. Congratulations to Father John and many thanks to all who those who participated in making the sweepstakes a success.  Read More →