1996 Report on Anti-Catholicism

Executive Summary

There are any number of activist organizations that, for one reason or another, find cause to bash the Catholic Church. Catholics for a Free Choice—which is neither Catholic nor an organization—comes immediately to mind (we didn’t bother to log their work because to do so would require a whole volume unto itself). But it is also true that there... [Read more...]

Activist Organizations

1996 South Euclid, OH – Tru-Lite Publications advertised a booklet over Prodigy condemning Catholicism. February Oklahoma City, OK – In discussing his participation in the Interfaith Alliance of Central Oklahoma, former State Rep. Harley Venters commented to the Oklahoma Gazette that “25 percent of Germans who murdered Jews in... [Read more...]


1996 Michael McConnell’s artwork appeared in the Gallery. One of his best known paintings is “Celibate Sacrifice”; it features a ghostly skeleton dressed as the pope walking on top of masses of people who appear to be groveling at his feet. McConnell also painted “Hear No…SeeNo…” which features a cardinal covering... [Read more...]


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Commercial Establishments

1996 In a catalog of its books, Barnes & Noble featured a long description of a book called The Love Affairs of the Vatican. Calling the book “controversial,” it read: “He [the author] also reveals that the immorality of the Catholic clergy was the direct result of the law of enforced celibacy imposed by Pope Gregory VII (himself... [Read more...]

Criminal Behavior

1996 President Clinton’s veto of the legislation banning Partial-Birth Abortion.  Read More →


January A Catholic high school student applied for the Jefferson Scholars Program at the University of Virginia. He was asked the following questions about his religion during the course of an interview: “What is your relationship with God?”; “Do you believe in the infallibility of the Pope?”; “What if the Pope said something... [Read more...]


1996 Austin, TX – Living Truth Ministries distributed a video, The Pope Over Jerusalem, which discusses the “unholy” plans of the Pope to reign over Jerusalem. Among the topics explored are the “hidden agenda of a high-ranking Catholic prelate…who acts as the chief strategist of the Vatican plot to conquer Jerusalem.”... [Read more...]


January Louisville, CO – Video Training Source made two videos about workplace violence prevention in which being religious was portrayed as a key characteristic. In “A Strategy for Prevention” the narrator said, “Many perpetrators are described as being religious or political extremists. This behavior further drives co-workers... [Read more...]